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about me

about me

Hello, good to see you. This webpage is something like an online business card where I show myself and my skills.

I've been working in data analysis and marketing for more than 4 years. In my work I combine creativity and innovation with an analytical and thorough attitude.

Apart from my full-time job, where I am still learning new technologies, I help other projects to grow through my data and marketing expertise.

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since 2017

data is
the new currency



Ever since I entered the world of online marketing, I've been interested in its advantages over it's big brother - outdoor marketing. That's why, from the very beginning, I explored the secrets of analytics and data management.

Today, using Google Tag Manager, I'm able to extract almost any piece of information you can think of from a web application and send it to Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any other place that evaluates that data.

I know what data is needed to prototype a dream customer and then how to use it to turn the dream into reality.

In simple words, the integration of analytical and advertising systems has no secrets for me.

In addition, I can clearly visualize and interpret the results of research, and draw conclusions from the obtained data.



People I work for are lucky that I am a person who hates manual work. Thanks to that, I prefer to spend much more time at the beginning in order to make certain process automatic.

Such solutions produce long-term results and their value in terms of time equivalent may be counted in tens and hundreds of thousands of $.

To create automations I use various tools such as Zapier, Google Sheets, Connectors, SQL, Google Tag Manager and others.

This is where combining soft creativity with hard analytical logic comes in handy.

the worst job 

is the repetitive one

spent over
1 000 000 USD



Ads are my hobby. Over the years, I acquired all skills and knowledge needed to create ads that generate multiple returns on investment.

Thanks to the combination of technical knowledge of how Google's and Facebook's algorithms work and catchy copywriting skill, I'm able to get ingenious output that is hard to achieve for ordinary marketers. Especially in the post-cookie era.

For the last 4+ years I was in business, I spent over $1 million on ads. In the best campaigns, ROAS exceeded 15 - on cold traffic and 25 on warm traffic.

I'm currently working on improving brainchild - automated process to generate similar ROAS in a systematic way across different industries.



Everyone who knows what marketing means probably has heard about funnels. However from my observations it seems that only few people know how marketing funnels actually work (or rather how they should work?).

In every project that I take part in, I implement funnels first. It's a must for achieving long-term, successful results.

While building those funnels, I use tools that actually work, not only those unreadable charts on whiteboards. Users are directed to the right place when I tailor the right message for them.

The processes I created so far are effective long after implementation and being used until this day. Even after I left the projects.

no funnel
no goal

this site is on wp



I have never thought that I would know WordPress so well. But it came out that it is perfect for building landings, funnels, online stores and other non-standard solutions.

That is why I mastered it totally by chance at a high level, so if you need a new landing page, website, or dedicated solutions, and you don't have a developer, we'll work something out.

How do you like my website? Building it took me about 12 hours.



As well as WordPress, I learned how to build online stores on woocommerce by chance.

It's not the strict spectrum of my interests, but if you have a super product that doesn't hurt the world and you can't find a solid person to build e-commerce, I'll look into it.

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backend marketing

If you are not quite sure whether my skills can be useful in your project, then read this article. It is dedicated to people who are new in the online marketing industry and need a simple explanation of its processes.

my experience

2021 - now

Greenpeace is one of the most impactful foundation in the world. Cares about better living on the Earth for all kinds of beings. It's an honour to work for such a important purpose.

My role there is to care about user's behaviour data. I've created tracking plan for the GA4 migration purpose which is the foundation for setting up new level of tracking in the offices around the world.

My job there is also to help solving measurement issues and to improve and maintain existing setups.

2020 - now

No Fluff Jobs is a top job board in Europe that publishes IT job offers. Its unique value is that each offer must have a salary range, visible to the users of the service.

In this way, the company contributes to a visible improvement in the standards of recruitment on the labor market and to the development of equal opportunities for all genders and people of different ages.

My job at No Fluff Jobs is to make sure that we make the best use of this extremely valuable data.

I'm in charge of the whole service metering (GTM), data management in SQL, analysis in Google Analytics, data visualization, reporting, interpreting the results for the business and making sure that the quality of the data is high.

In addition, I have led several own projects which turn a company's market-unique data into KPI's.

2020 - now

I am a co-owner of the Sex Day project. It is an initiative for improving the quality of sex education in Poland.

Every year on June 7th we celebrate International Sex Day, bringing together the best experts in the country in a free educational and cultural event.
Apart from lectures we organize exhibitions, games, competitions and workshops.

I am responsible for the technical side of the venture, marketing, performance and analytics.

In 2021, we built an unique platform for an online event. We achieved nearly 1,000 registrations, of which over 700 attended.

In addition, we developed and implemented a remote learning platform.

2017 - 2020

Mother's Protect is the leader in sales of adaptogens (specific kind of herbs) in Poland.

I began my professional development in the marketing and data industry there.

Mother's Protect is the place where I acquired the basic skills of marketing, product, performance and business in a very broad sense.

My rapid growth was possible thanks to ample funding for courses from top industry experts.

I learned how to create profitable advertising campaigns, implement marketing funnels, write advertising texts, optimize SEO, create marketing strategies, even manage a company and many other things about which I could write for a long time.

This place gave me the opportunity to take a broad view on the industry, so that today I am a well-rounded person who knows where the process begins and where it ends.

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